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Hotel & Restaurant Management Support

This is a unique support service utilising both my experience and the strength and depth of my team; your enquiry will be taken with complete confidentiality.


Business Planning to Open Your Own Hotel or Restaurant

“Hospitality is not difficult, it’s just hard work!”

If you have made the decision to buy and open your own hotel or restaurant then, we will help you do it properly. We will inspire you, often frighten you but, guide you through the fun and enjoyment of this exciting venture.

You ‘need’ a Business Plan; even if you are fortunate to have funding a business plan will set out your identity and how you intend to operate. It should be a reference for the next few years. Money well spent considering what is at stake! Lack of planning can be a fatal mistake.

We have two ways of providing a full business plan:

1. You meet with me, you talk and answer some questions, we provide you with a full business plan or

2. You spend a full week at one of our sites and, with mine and my teams support, you do your own business plan on a template ready for you to populate.


Critical Turnaround Workshops

Our most demanded service.
Generally, you need better sales, better gross profit margins and lower labour costs. Often, when you get round to calling a consultant then things have become even worse. Believe me, I understand as I have experienced failure, survival and success.

Don’t waste any more time; pick up the phone and this is what will happen:

1. I will ask you to email across your detailed issues and concerns
2. I will confirm a date where we can provide a workshop (9.30am until we finish); usually for the owner, manager and head chef
3. I will covertly visit your business ahead of the workshop
4. I will follow up the workshop with a summary report and action plan

Other Services

It makes sense to use our experience and to take our professional advice:

1. General review and audit of your business from a professional perspective
2. General review and audit of your business from a customer perspective (covert)
3. General opinion on potential hotel or restaurant purchase
4. Sales and marketing plans
5. Operational plans
6. Recruitment and interview support
7. Day to day advice, guidance, recommendations and solutions
8. Prioritised action plans and project plans
9. Group benchmark performance exercise (brilliant for small chains or franchisees)
10. Training for improved service standards and productivity