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Catering’s not Difficult; it’s just Hard Work

On Apr 9th, 2013

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Long hours, on your feet all day, unsociable hours, looking after guests from breakfast until late, staffing problems, supplier issues, cashflow difficulties etc.

If you’re finding that running your business is becoming difficult then ask yourself; “Am I working hard enough?”

You should be tired from the long hours and constantly leading from the front however, the running of your business should be the easy bit if you have the right people doing the right job and the systems and procedures in place.

Guest care drives sales however, systems and procedures produce profit.

One of the ‘richest’ hoteliers I have had the pleasure of meeting once owned and operated a 40 bedroom hotel in Scotland. During the day, from 8am until 5pm, she had the role of Sales and Marketing Manager, sitting in an office dealing with enquiries for room bookings, coach party bookings, conferences, banquets and weddings.

At 5pm she had something to eat from the menu (always providing feedback to the team), went to her room to refresh and then either carried out a bar, restaurant or reception shift from 6pm until finish.

Based on this additional 5 to 6 hour shift she calculated that saved her an entire full-time salary that paid for her two annual holidays to some very nice locations. She also told me that the change from one role to another did not make her tired.

That reminds me of another person I worked for in Buckinghamshire; a wise Italian guy who once told me; “You never get tired when the money is going in your own till.”

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