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Burger & Lobster

On Nov 7th, 2012

Imagine if you can that you are one of the dragons on Dragons Den sitting at your little desk showing off your big pile of cash.

The next nervous victim appears with this pitch:

“I have an idea for a restaurant, the concept is this; you can’t reserve a table, there are no menus and we will only sell 3 dishes! A whole lobster, a lobster wrap and a burger, all served with fries and a salad, all priced at £20.”

Would you invest?

I believe Theo, Duncan, Deborah and Peter would all be ‘out’ thinking these guys were completely bonkers.

I went last week and I am absolutely wowed by the concept and how something so simple has already and appears to be so successful. They do say the simple ideas are often the best.

I decided to queue at around 11.45am, choosing the Clarges Street site in Mayfair (there is another site at Dean Street and another in St John Street) and I was first in line. The queue ended up being around 20 deep when the doors opened promptly at 12.00pm and there was plenty of staff to efficiently usher people to tables.

Guests are given drinks menus (mainly wines, beers and cocktails) and then the staff (Martina) professionally explain the concept and the menu choices.

Drinks arrive promptly, orders are taken and the food follows and it’s all delicious. I opted for the 10oz burger with bacon and cheese and Liz chose the whole lobster finished on the char grill with herb butter. I was extremely impressed with both however, and I doubt they’ll thank me for saying this but, you should get the whole lobster every time!

Within half an hour every table was occupied and the place had a very nice atmosphere. It’s casual dining and with a couple of beers, a couple of glasses of wine and service our bill was £68.06. Not cheap for casual dining but, great fun and a great experience. We were paid and gone by 12.45pm.

For me, it’s the concept of the century and best of luck! I think we’ll be seeing them in most City Centres around the UK over the next few years.

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