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Neigh Way Man!

On Feb 8th, 2013

It doesn’t surprise me that traces of horse meat have been found in some food products however, I do find the entire discovery disgusting and upsetting.

There’s nothing wrong with eating horse meat however, it is the simple fact that we not been informed what we are eating and, more importantly, the people employed to test these products have not been doing their jobs properly. When you consider the volume of food that is sold it is totally unacceptable that this has been allowed to happen for so long.

However, this should now absolutely shock us all into changing our eating habits; mainly the way we buy our food and the way we make dinner.

Consider this; you buy the fresh ingredients for a delicious homemade lasagne and serve it with a nice rocket salad and perhaps some garlic bread. You have some left over so you wrap it in cling-film and put it back in the refrigerator for another day. How long will you keep it before you throw it away? 2 days, perhaps 3!

Go and buy a ready made lasagne from your local supermarket and see precisely how long you have on the use by date. How can it possibly last that long? The answer is in the preservatives, mainly salt and sugars that preserve the meal for longer however, those preservatives are seriously harming our health.

Stop buying these meals and start making some real food from now on; I believe most evening meals can be prepared from scratch and served quicker than putting a ready meal into the oven and waiting for it to cook.

My 2 boys are now 17 and 13 and I can promise you that I have never ever given them a ready meal. I can prepare them pasta, burgers, meatballs, curry, stir fry, breaded chicken etc. just as quick as any ready meal and I strongly believe that my principles have provided the right nutrition to fuel them and keep them healthy.

Finally, understand where your product comes from and start using your local butcher, market and farm to buy fresher, better and tastier produce.

Get the family involved in cooking, shopping and putting together your weekly meal plan. I would gladly help if you need.

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