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On Nov 6th, 2012

Name: Kevin Laing

Position: Managing Director

Where are you from: Originally Middlesbrough

How did you get into the industry: Walked into the Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross and asked for a job

Where else have you worked: De Vere Hotels, Copthorne & Millennium Hotels, Devonshire Arms Bolton Abbey, Simply Nico, Coverpoint, Oldfields, Kudos

Why do you do what you do: Variety and guest satisfaction

What is your favourite dish: Lemon tart

What was your first ever job: Cellarman

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Italy

Who inspires you: Anyone who works hard and challenges themselves

What is your favourite ingredient: Chillies

Is there anything you refuse to eat: Sweetcorn, tinned peas, mash

What has been the most bizarre customer request:

What are your hobbies: Keeping fit, food, wine, reading

What music do you like: R&B, Mary J Blige, The Script

What are your pet hates: Poor service, lack of acknowledgement

What is your favourite drink: Guinness

Name three people you would like to serve: Mohammed Ali, Chris Evans, Denzel Washington

What is your favourite pub or restaurant: Pollen Street Social

What do you eat for breakfast: Glass or fresh orange or Cappuccino

If you weren’t in catering what would you be doing: Paramedic

What is your favourite film: Seven

What is your favourite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

What is a perfect date in your view: With Liz anywhere in Italy

Which celebrity do you hate: Bob Crow

Who is your favourite actor: Denzel Washington

Do you have any pets: Never

What country would you like to live in: Italy

Describe yourself in three words: Busy, relaxed, ambitious

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